an Agricultural Cooperative

Ananeoo - 'renew' in Greek.

Transforming pasture land  into  orchards and meadows,

  in harmony with our Earth.

            Replete with  fruit and nut trees, blueberry bushes, and native wildflowers.   A Garden of Eden, organically grown, free of chemicals, a bee, bird, and butterfly sanctuary.  Sustainability will protect the orchard & meadow eternally.

         And you can be part of it.

Next Steps Inform individuals & groups about AnaneooOrchard Market AnaneooOrchard Memberships and Units of Ownership of AnaneooTrust A Kickstarter campaign for land purchase Buy 5+ acres for our meadow - a Native Wildflower Conservation & Green Burial Grounds Establish our Meadow as a Green Burial area for AnaneooOrchard Members Contact every local House of Worship, Green Group, Hospice, and other Non-Profits Obtain 100 acres of farm land for our Orchard Organically cultivate 8,000 fruit & nut trees and 24,000 blueberry bushes Begin planning for Ananeoo's next Orchard

The Plan



AnaneooOrchard & AnaneooTrust 6650 Havana Hwy, Havana, Fl 32333 850-363-7681
The AnaneooDream I see a business that celebrates the continuum of life. Tallahassee alone will support our cultivation of at least 80,000 trees during our next two decades - and much more after that. Florida's pro-green population can require AnaneooOrchards to plant over two million trees. Nation wide - sixteen times more. Reforestation is but one element of climate change mitigation. By itself, AnaneooOrchards will not stop the rising tides...but it couldn't hurt! AnaneooOrchard will provide careers and job opportunities for horticulturists, landscapers, woodworkers, weavers, well installers, plumbers, harvesters, mechanics, laborers, managers, et al. Working in part with organizations such as The Living Harvest that strive to give newly freed men and women a second chance on honest jobs and life. While doing a 'good earth' thing - organic cultivation of fruit & nut trees and green burials in wildflower meadows, mitigating our final impact on our environment - is the primary quest, there is more. In addition to saving folks many thousands of dollars on both burials and nutritious produce; AnaneooTrust will produce one thing more - profits. Dollars which can impact officials and legislation. Pro-Environment candidates will be supported. Green groups will be backed. Our Earth - it's waters, lands, flora, fauna, and communities of people too - has a new ally. AnaneooOrchard. Be part of the dream. Be part of our sustainable future. Thank you, jim
 AnaneooOrchard is an Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Association under Florida law. A member owned cooperative orchard with separate green burial conservation grounds - a native wildflower meadow. Each Cooperative Member will receive an equitable share of the produce and profits from our abundance - generationally. And a green burial right is included with your AnaneooOrchard Membership. By management contract, AnaneooTrust is responsible for all aspects of horticulture and marketing for AnaneooOrchard so you don't have to hoe, harvest, or distribute the goods!

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