an Agricultural Cooperative

     34% of our population will   attend to their final affairs on a Pre-Need basis.  Your group's membership can enjoy fresh organically grown produce & profits generationally; protect our Earth by utilizing our Green Burial Wildflower Conservation Grounds;  save   75% on funeral/cemetery expenses;  and know that they have helped their favorite non-profit.  Please ask to be on our suggested Donation List for Non-Profit Organizations.

 AnaneooOrchard Members may select their favorite local non-profit to receive a 20% contribution from their AO membership fee. Local Non-Profits are encouraged to inform their members of this benefit. Every referral your group makes can result in a $240 donation. Our area's At-Need, pro-green population alone will produce estimated donations totaling ﷯ $114,000 to $148,800 annually from AnaneooTrust.


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