Nature in all it's glory is our passion. Birds & bees, wildflowers & trees, butterflies, bushes and fresh organics. It's all good. AnaneooOrchard Membership makes it possible - for generations!
 The 'sweet spot' for blueberry cultivation is along the 31st parallel. Most of this latitude around our globe is ocean or desert. Tallahassee is at 30.44 N, which creates excellent early season (when value is highest) blueberry picking! For AnaneooOrchard Members that wish, we'll have 'You Pick' weekends. Enjoy!
 Cost and Profit Breakdown of planting 24,000 Blueberry Bushes on 20 acres at AnaneooOrchard for seven years. Included are the costs for establishing 80 acres of fruit and nut bearing trees. While the blueberries will begin producing within two years, the trees will take a while longer to fruition so no income from them is projected here. Pecan trees may take 10 years before producing 100 lbs of nuts each, yielding several thousand profit dollars per acre. AnaneooTrust has budgeted up to $20,000 per acre for land acquisition and cultivation.

an Agricultural Cooperative

AnaneooOrchard will plant twenty-four thousand Blueberry bushes, producing an abundance for all of our Members - and profits too! Organically grown, providing the our earth has for your generations.  AnaneooOrchard will cultivate and harvest cultivars proven successful in this area. Anna and Dorcett Golden apples, blueberries, chestnuts, apricots, avocado, cherry, peaches, , grapes, olives, satsumas, pecans, plums, pomegranate, walnuts, figs, and citrus trees shall grace our grounds.

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